Avant – garde, experimental, underground, independent cinema. Film that surpasses the frontiers of convention, that promotes a vision of what cinema gives to our lives, how does it change us, how does it question us, how does it confront us.

Film journalism
that isn’t masturbatory
an onanism.

Fim criticism as the next logical step of true cinephilia and film discussion, the bridge between our eyes and thought, the act of writing about cinema as a permanent way of dialogue.

Mónica Delgado


A well-shaped idea can give life to sublime works; sublime movies are both ideas and shapes.

Cinema is love, often. And beauty, sometimes

I adore cinema as moving life, still life, selfish act of love, visual violence, iconoclastic tableaux vivant, awaken dream of death, explicit sex crime, archives’ voyeurism.

A movie worthy to see has at least 1 frame, it isn’t a matter of movement anymore. I’m not forgetting the semantic meaning of the word cinema, I’m overcoming it. If the ‘word’ is dead, like De Stijl artists said, image is still alive.

desistfilm project is a collective act of love and a journey toward the obscure and desolate lands of cinema. For our beloved audience we risk daily the cut of the eye.

Narda Liotine


The pursue of cinema as a true erotic act: Beautiful, disgusting, and filthy. Cinema is kiss, yet also blood, saliva, sweat, tears, semen. Cinema is ecstasy, yet also pain, discomfort, clumsiness.  In the act of cinema (that amazing oxymoron) we are revealed.

José Sarmiento Hinojosa


desistfilm. Cinema in its mountainous dreams and certainty of existence, every nuance, every axis and towering truth, the image; the splintered labyrinth. To vulgarity, to thirst, to discovering there is poetry in the mundane, we are all of us alive in cinema, in all its flaws and shivering plains.

Catherine Beed


Jump your sprocket. If this means slowing down the film, running it backwards or zooming in on a tiny detail, so be it. A consideration of the medium’s formal and technical properties is not incompatible with a profound emotional experience.

John A. Riley


Working in the arts means you are pursuing a trade.
Art is personal and the personal is political.
Art is not based on your opinion but on your knowledge.
After all: Art is about beauty and your personal need to share.

Claudia Siefen


Cinema is the form of thought that mankind has invented
to understand every image which it lives with
and every time that it has gone through.  

Ricardo Adalia Martín


Cinema should (make you burn, disgusted, bored, restless)
remind you that you are still breathing.

Lauren Bliss



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