Here at desistfilm, we’re getting ready to cover about 26 features, both shorts and films from the exciting and ongoing JeonJu International Film Festival. We can’t wait to watch their now famous Jeonju Digital Project, an omnibus film which will count the talents of  Raya MARTIN,  Vimukthi JAYASUNDARA and YING Liang this year.

“IFF, with its goal to lead ‘A Beautiful Change of the World through Cinema’ under the slogan, ‘Digital Alternative and Independence’ at its start in 2000, has always searched for and introduced challenging and creative films which are distant from mainstream films and made its position firm as one of the most recognized film festivals focusing on alternative and independent films in the world.

Its representative programs include Jeonju Digital Project, where audiences can meet 3 directors, each of whom possesses unique cinematic aesthetics; ‘Short! Short! Short!’, a project for Korean short film production; ‘Cinemascape’, a program that shows the trend of the world’s contemporary films; and ‘Retrospective’, which offers a chance to explore the world of great masters’ films.

JIFF is also filled with a variety of cultural experiences and events, so it has gained acclamation as an ideal mixture of films and festival where audiences can truly enjoy.”


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